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Hotel Partners

Rate Tiger and EZYield (powered by Travelclick)
Channelmanager is the most popular and powerful hotel online distribution tool. You can quickly and efficiently manage room rates, availability and restrictions across all connected internet distribution sites. It offers a vast network through volume-producing, branded, popular, tour-operator, specialist, discount and niche online travel agents (OTAs) as well as advertising, e-commerce, marketing and social channels.


24/7 access to own inventory. With just an internet connection and a web browser you can access your entire hotel database and manage rates & availability at any time. Our extranet system enables you to instantly flex rates for need periods and adjust the number of available Freesale rooms.


Traditional Contracting
“Paper contracts” are welcome. Your MTS team member that handles your account will receive the updates or changes of your rates and inventory via emails or fax transmissions and will promptly upload all the necessary information in our system. Register as a new hotel partner via our site to join our Citybreaks world!

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